What People Say...


Life Coaching Session

"I have to say today has been a very special day for me. I have been set free. to be able to release

"Today has been a very special day for me. I have been set free. 

I was able to release. 

I feel amazing & supported. 

I am humble and knowing Celina was apart of the change is such a blessing."

C. Jones, Owner G-Mama's Soul Food

Arizona Masters of Poetry

"Thanks Poet Jordan, Celina, and all the fantastic poets who attended! I left inspired and excited to see you all again! Be there. Be brave. Be inspired." 

~S. Sosnowski, Founder of Arizona Masters of Poetry

Honoring our Elders

"Thank you for sharing with us at the American Legion in Flagstaff 

for the Honoring Life, Veteran's & Suicide Awareness event ~ 

We were honored the way you honor us!"

University of Oklahoma American Indian Inst.

High Energy! 

Loved the Wake Up & Be Awesome 

Morning Energizers!

Leadership, - AII Committee

Beyond thrilled Celina agreed to marry us!

"Celina made the day all the better with her beautiful words, her blessing, chant & prayer.. not to mention including my mom in on the day by blessing the ceremony site! 

I would definately recommend her to anyone & everyone! 

She is truly amazing!"

Miller family, 2017

Sparked my Creativity

"Celina and Waylon sparked my creativity and reminded me that art is medicine. 

I am drawing more and may pursue some art classes at the community college."

T, Mescalero, NM

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Waylon is...

"More than a Motivational Speaker. He cares about people. He inspires everyone to use their own power to live again and reclaim their health and their lives. Waylon's positivity and messages on hope continue to inspire me daily!" ~ C. Garza, NLW

MindSet Mountain

"Celina brings a joyous level of intensity to her purpose filled life.  Whether that be in how she raises her children or serves in her community. Whether it be in her approach to holistic health or passing along the culture of her ancestors. 

She is here to leave a lasting impact on every single person she encounters on her path.” 

~ Jason JBoom Legaard, MindSet Mountain

High School Life Skills

Celina always brings the most powerful speakers to my Life Skills classes. They volunteer their time, energy and expertise. 

The speakers certainly leave lasting impressions on my students. 

A. Simpson, The Leona group

Experience Motivation

"Interaction increases motivation! Thank you for allowing my students to experience how to increase motivation first hand!" ~College Bound Mesa

Job Readiness/Skill Building Workshop

"You made a big impact on my life...You all did. I took the workshop seriously and applied it to my life. I am a Trailblazer now and really taking off and creating my own path...I am proof the workshop and your stories do work! (smile)"  ~D. Swift, 

San Carlos Apache WIOA

We would love to have you back!

"We all really enjoyed your presentation and people have still been talking about it.  I would  absolutely love to have you back! …. We would love to have you back!"  

~Women's Empowerment Conference - 

El Paso, TX