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Celina Mahinalani Garza

Native Hawaiian, Portuguese, Spanish 

Celina specializes in creating meaningful connections as a Advocate & Practitioner of Wellness: Mind/Body/Spirit. She is an energetic Motivational Facilitator who integrates tradition, spirituality, holistic modalities and positivity to motivate people from the inside/out. 

Also passionate and specializes in: Interviewing, Personal Empowerment Coaching, Healing/Wellness, Communication, Teambuilding, Job Readiness Programs, Staff Development, Cultural Exchanges, Talking Circles and Hawaiian Entertainment. 

Celina’s background includes Mind/Body Transformational Psychology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). 

She is the Founder of Native Lifeway and Author of 365 Days of HA.

Jordan Chaney


Specializing in Spoken Word, Poetry, Motivational Engagements, Staff Development workshops, Leadership, Mentorship and all forums of Public Speaking. 

Jordan is the Author of 4-Award Winning Books and the Creator of the Urban Poets Society, a successful Youth Leadership program promoting: art, literacy, and leadership in his community. 

Currently, Jordan teaches a poetry performance and communications class at a local juvenile detention center.

Waylon Pahona


Founder of Healthy Active Natives (HAN’s). “Healthy Active Natives” is a social media networking group on Facebook that currently has over 80,000 members nationally and internationally. 


Waylon knows first-hand about being unhealthy (body & mind). 

But after losing a tremendous amount of weight, training for marathons and becoming a Certified Physical Fitness Trainer, Waylon has defied the odds by motivating and inspiring Native people across the nation to join the HAN’s movement and transform their own lives. 


In 2013, Waylon was awarded the Indian Health Service “Healthy Innovation Award” for establishing the Healthy Active Natives group. He is an Ambassador for Tanka Bar who believes in his mission to empower and support Native people on the path to wellness.

Abby Powskey, LMT


Abby is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has been practicing massage therapy since 2010.  She enjoys traveling  through Indian country to share her passion about massage, including the benefits it provides for the mind, body and soul.

Abby is influenced by her Native culture and believes in the use of natural healing methods to facilitate healing. She has walked many paths in life as an athlete, a corporate worker, mother and student which has led her to her profession; facilitating healing.  Abby offers education, self-care and ways to implement healthier habits. The end result is to get the body into a feel good functional state so that each person can be their best every day!

She is the owner of Healing Love Therapy 

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